Gravity Memories:

Celebrating/Looking Back On a Decade of Gravity Rush/Daze

How's it hanging, Shifters! Welcome to Gravity Memories, a for-charity 'zine dedicated to celebrating the 10 year anniversary of a truly magical series. We want to celebrate the beauty of these games with one of the most passionate communities around, and what better way to achieve that than through a 'zine?In this document we will provide an overview of the 'zine and information on how to contribute to the project. We also have a wonderful portfolio guide to help ensure that your work shines when applying for projects like this, so we highly recommend spending a few minutes reading it.As this project is in honour of the 10th anniversary of a beloved series, we want this 'zine to be as successful as possible! So if there are any questions you have after reading this document, please send them to @GravityMemories on Twitter, or contact us on Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, or

Hi everyone! We're proud to announce that all bundles have now been shipped out, so you should all have received an email with a tracking number! Thank you for all the kind messages from those who already received their bundle, we compiled them here!
If you can't find the email with the tracking number or have other questions, DM or email us at with your order number and we'll check! We will also be looking into holding a leftover sale before finally concluding with the donation to charity!Once more we want to thank everyone who helped make this project a reality: our zine moderators, contributors, Team Gravity for creating the Gravity Rush games and of course all the Gravity Rush fans who ended up buying more than 600 bundles! Thank you!

Preorders for Gravity Memories are now closed! We're overwhelmed by the community's response to our project as we ended up selling over 600 bundles! That's more than we ever could have imagined. Thanks once again to everyone who helped turn this into such an amazing success!
We will now begin the next stage of operations: fulfillment! Our social media will become quieter, however we will be sharing updates there for everyone regarding the progress on the fulfillment stage. Thank you!


Gravity Memories will be a non-profit printed 'zine, hosting around 60 pieces of contributor creations and several merch items! This means that any profits will be going directly to the selected charity.The final product will be 7in x 9in by itself, with options for several merch items. More information related to merchandise and pricing will be detailed when pre-orders are announced.We will be donating all proceeds to “Save the Children”, an excellent charity that assists children across the world and was suggested by several participants during the “Interest Survey” in April, many referencing the Lost Tribe as a source of inspiration. You can read more about them here and view their charity rating here.


Social Media and Site Manager


Hi! I'm Draikin, owner of Gravity Rush Central (GRC), a fansite for the franchise. I created GRC in 2017 shortly after completing Gravity Rush 2, after already playing the original Gravity Rush on PS Vita and PS4.My goal with GRC is to spread the word and keep people up to date about any news related to Gravity Rush. GRC also spearheaded the #DontForgetGravityRush campaign in an attempt to convince PlayStation not to close Gravity Rush 2’s online servers, and we also had the unique chance to interview key people from Gravity Rush 2’s development team.My experience as a web developer as well as the experience gained from managing the website and social media for GRC over the years are things I'll put to good use for the fanzine project, where I'll be handling Gravity Memories' social media and website tasks.

Jack of All Trades and Artist Outreach


Heya, I'm Barricade! Despite owning a Vita with Gravity Rush installed for years, it wasn't until the remaster released on the PlayStation 4 that I finally got around to experiencing the series. I was blown away by the charming characters, the stunning visuals, and engaging narrative. Ever since then I've had a strong love for the series and have made many friends through it.Seeing the community come together to push back Sony's attempts to close the servers prematurely was heartwarming, and while the online services eventually went down I still find myself loading up the sequel regularly to fly around the world taking photographs while enjoying falling in style.With the 10th anniversary nearing I wanted to celebrate it with others who shared the same feeling for a unique series. For this 'zine I will be acting as a jack of all trades, assisting with overall organisation and social media as well as artist outreach.

Art Lead


Hi! I’m Finn and I will be acting around the art lead side of things for Gravity Memories. I will be responsible for promotional art, internal art, overseeing artists, maintaining check-ins and submissions, etc. I also created our carrd - this!Gravity Rush 2 is my favourite game of all time and is a major source of inspiration to my love of enjoying and creating playable art. I am well versed in ‘zine know-how and have been garnering a small collection of various ‘zines. Additionally I branch out of the illustrative side of things with 3D modelling and sculpting, garage kit assembly and painting, doll customization and collection, etc. I'm excited to celebrate Gravity Rush’s legacy with passionate fans and creatives of the series.I’m a visual art graduate and am beginning my Game Art program this September.

Finance and Writer Head

Clumsy Camelid

Hey, hey, I'm Clumsy Camelid! I'll be in charge of the finances, overseeing the writers and their submissions, and assisting where I can with general organizational and scheduling logistics. I've worked many years in freelance video and photography with having to manage various—often perilous—deadlines and budgets. I also bring a background of writing and editing for this project, and have contributed articles to Gravity Rush Central.I’m incredibly excited to work together with others to make this fanzine as incredible as it can be. I discovered Gravity Rush just shortly before the second game's release, and played it shortly after. The Moebius influence is what initially intrigued me, but I soon found myself transported back to the type of wonder I felt when I first played Donkey Kong Country as a child. Falling upwards into the sky with Kat brought a joy that only video games have so far realized. There’s nothing else like launching myself across the games' landscapes, filled with a cast of delightful, memorable characters.The series is so centered around the concept of memories, and already evoked such nostalgic, fanciful feelings within me as soon as I played the games. Because of that, I want to do all I can to help express our collective memory, our love for the series as we come upon its 10 year anniversary. Kat and everyone she loves deserve it.

Art Assistant and Promo Art Head


Howdy, I'm Luk! I'm a freelance illustrator from Quebec Canada, and like all of you I love Gravity Rush! I played both games around the time of GR2's release and fell in love with its world and characters. Since then, I've created a ton of Gravity Rush fanart and try my best to keep the series alive. I'd like to think I'm one of the most prolific GR artists out there!For this zine I will be working as an Art Assistant, helping to select contributors, assisting with visual theme and providing some promo art, so please feel free to get in touch with me if you have questions! Let's work together to create the best possible zine for the 10 year anniversary of this wonderful series!

Graphic Design Lead


Hey everyone, I’m Ecto! For this zine I’ll be the Graphics Design Lead. I’m helping the team with the page formatting and zine production aspects of text, logos, and overall design.These games evoked a sense of warmth and nostalgia in me that I cherish still to this day. It’s truly a work of art in and of itself, and it’ll be remembered for years to come. I’m thrilled to be a part of this opportunity and help people fall in love with Gravity Rush once again, or maybe for the first time. We designed this zine with you in mind, and I hope it brings back all of those memories we’ve shared and much more! Let’s celebrate the 10 year anniversary together!



Hello, I’m Infel! I will be helping with Japanese translation for this zine! I picked up both games a little over a year ago, and fell in love with the unique world and characters. I have been doing fan translations as a hobby for around 9 years now, and would love to help provide the opportunity for some of the many talented Japanese artists to take part in this project.

Special Thanks:

Translation Help

Hello! I'm Yukuto. I will also be helping with Japanese translations, especially with complex Japanese honorific expressions. I'm fascinated by the beautiful graphics of GR/GR2, and I still go on "photo trips" there from time to time. I'm very excited about this wonderful project to celebrate the 10th anniversary with fans all over the world with this zine.You can find me on Twitter and Instagram. Oh yeah. Check out the hashtag #重力写真 and you'll be happy. (It means "gravity photo")

Rules and Expectations


  • All content must stay Safe For Work. The 'zine should be safe to show a child. With this in mind overly sexual characteristics like camel toes, visible nipples etc. will not be allowed in the ‘zine.

  • We will not be allowing "shipping". Contributors are allowed to feature characters they ship together for a piece if they so wish, but the piece should not be romantic in nature.

  • All contributors are expected to act politely and not engage in sexist / racist / homophobic / etc. behavior.

  • Please wait until after digital orders have been delivered to post contributions online. Small previews, however, are highly encouraged. More information will be provided regarding previews later during the art creation period.

  • Contributors will receive a physical copy of the 'zine, a digital PDF, as well as one free piece of merchandise of their choice. Additionally, they will receive a manufacturer's discount for any other merchandise they would like to buy.

For digital art:

  • The canvas size for main pieces will be 7.25in x 9.25in (184.15mm x 234.95mm) at 300dpi. A template will be provided to all contributors after the selection process.

  • All art pieces must be rendered with CMYK colors implemented by an art program, not an online conversion tool.

  • 3D is encouraged and allowed, however, all renders and objects in your piece must be created by you. We will not allow 3D work that uses models, objects and renders that are not made by you. Additionally, any assets from the Gravity Rush games cannot be implemented.

Additional information about CMYK and DPI

For photographs:

  • We accept JPG and TIF files that adhere to the same dimensions above and have a CMYK colour profile implemented by an art program for the work.

  • Please ensure that photos are stored with a high enough quality to avoid compression artifacts, and proper ISO settings are used to avoid too much noise in the photo (particularly in low light conditions).

  • For cosplay photographs: Those who are unable to take new photos due to lockdowns or other reasons, we may accept older photos. These will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and you’ll be credited as a guest contribution. Please understand that we won't be able to give the same compensation for your work in this case.

We can’t wait to see your work!


Applications open May 13th, 2021 GMT +0 (Timezone Checker)
Applications close 23:59 June 4th, 2021 GMT+0

Applications are CLOSED!
Thank you for your interest.

When applying, we will ask for the following from contributors:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Examples of your work

  • Merch Artist Y/N

  • Merch Options

  • Backup Artist Y/N

Here’s a more in-depth look at everything we ask for so you can prepare for applications in advance!

  • Name: You don’t have to put your real name or anything to that effect, just something people can call you.

  • Email: A preferred contact email you regularly use. This will be used so we can communicate efficiently.

  • Examples of your work: Somewhere we can see your artwork clearly and effectively. An art blog, website, instagram, Twitter moment, etc. If you’re curious about how to create a good looking portfolio, check out the guide Finn made.

  • Merch Artist Y/N: We’re looking for merch artists as well! If you would prefer to work as a merch artist instead of a page artist, let us know here. You can also let us know if you are interested in being considered for a page artist in the case of not being selected for merch, as we have limited spots.

  • Merch Questions: Merch applicants can choose what type of merch they would like to create if selected for the zine. We have already decided what merch Gravity Memories will be offering, so it is up to our artists to decide what they would like to tackle.

  • Backup Artist Y/N: Backup artists are extra contributors that fill in for those that drop out. Depending on when they’re asked to come in, they may only have an extremely limited amount of time to create their work, as compared to someone that was accepted from the beginning. Please note that being a backup artist does not guarantee you will have a spot to fill.

Contributors will be expected to have a strong understanding of color, composition, and their theme!As a note, merch artists will be asked the same exact questions, with the exception of "preferred theme" (that will be discussed between other merch artists and mods). For your portfolio, however, it’s highly recommended you show previous merch you’ve worked on as examples.Contributors will receive a physical copy of the 'zine, a digital PDF, as well as one free piece of merchandise of their choice. Additionally, they will receive a manufacturer's discount for any other merchandise they would like to buy.

Production and Release Schedule

Applications Open: May 13th
Applications Close: June 4th 23:59 GMT+0
Emails Sent: June 20th
First Check-In with Contributors: July 10th
Second Check-In with Contributors: July 31st
Third Check-In with Contributors: August 28th
Final Submissions Due: October 2nd

First check in: A very basic sketch of the idea. It can be something as simple as stick figures, a quick thumbnail, or a brief description of your art in text. For written entries this can be a brief description of your story.Second check in: Your chosen piece should be worked on and refined. All work must be visual, written drafts do not suffice anymore (unless you are a writer).Third check in: There should be major improvement on your chosen piece. It should be nearing completion.

Applications are CLOSED!
Thank you for your interest.

Gravity Memories Zine Themes

Once contributors have been chosen, they'll each be asked to select a theme from the list or their own idea, or will be assigned a theme.

“Memories” define the overarching idea throughout all of the themes listed below, asking contributors to reflect on what they most strongly associate with each concept. So we ask each contributor: when you think of "Auldnoir," or "Banga," or a story mission, or a Gravity Style... what memory, what idea comes to mind? Your answer is what we want to see you create!Please note: Themes are to be used as suggestions. Selected contributors can draw something that is not on the list as long as it relates to the overarching theme of "Memories".

Selection Process

Choose a theme that resonates with you; this theme will act as an anchor for your piece. You can incorporate other ideas listed here in your creation, but they should not overshadow your core theme.Each theme listed below can be used by up to 3 'zine contributors. This allows creators to draw upon their own personal associations with that concept. We want to see how fans view these things differently from each other!NOTE: The “Characters” section at the end of this document is for ease of access to see all of the characters in the series. These are not a part of the theme selection process. Do not include characters in your theme selection.

If applying for a creative writing slot

To those applying for creative writing, we ask that the three themes you choose are from the main story or side story missions from the games. For the written pieces, we're looking to see you revisit the missions that stick out the most from your mind. We want to see your take on any follow-up tales with Kat, Raven, or others meeting these characters afterwards, much like how Kat runs into NPCs after their side missions in Gravity Rush 2 and learns what has happened to them. These stories can take place during the games prior to the Eto chapter, during the one year gap between the final fight and the last episode with Raven, or even after the ending of Gravity Rush 2 itself.



  • Auldnoir

  • Pleajeune

  • Endestria

  • Vendecentre

  • Pipe House

  • Neu Hiraleon

  • World Pillar

  • Boutome

  • Rift Planes

Jirga Para Lhao

  • Banga

  • Lei Cosmolna

  • Lei Elgona

  • Lei Havina

  • Avarash au Govena

  • Mining Sites


  • The Brink

  • Labyrinth

  • Illumina

Main Story Missions

Gravity Rush 1

  • Episode 1: From Oblivion

  • Episode 2: Shadows Over the City

  • Episode 3: Home Sweet Home

  • Episode 4: The Hekseville Phantom

  • Episode 5: A Meeting with Destiny

  • Episode 6: The Lost City

  • Episode 7: Too Many Secrets

  • Episode 8: A Hundred and One Nights

  • Episode 9: Letting Old Ghosts Die

  • Episode 10: Curiosity Killed the Cat

  • Episode 11: Thick Skin

  • Episode 12: Look Out Below

  • Episode 13: Kids Just Don't Understand

  • Episode 14: The Lost Tribe

  • Episode 15: Memories of Another World

  • Episode 16: Children of the Past

  • Episode 17: Fading Light

  • Episode 18: Adreaux On Call

  • Episode 19: Falling to Pieces

  • Episode 20: An Unguarded Moment

  • Episode 21: No Rest for the Virtuous

Raven's Choice

  • Episode 1: Red and Black

  • Episode 2: In the Labyrinth

  • Episode 3: Trapped in Peace

  • Episode 4: Light and Shadow

  • Episode 5: Inner Demons

  • Episode 6: Unshed Tears

Gravity Rush 2

  • Episode 0: Into the Grey

  • Episode 1: Sad Angel

  • Episode 2: Lonely Request

  • Episode 3: Trial and Passage

  • Episode 4: A Dog Without a Collar

  • Episode 5: Circles in the Water

  • Episode 6: Separate Tables

  • Episode 7: Wandering Heart

  • Episode 8: Like a Radio

  • Episode 9: And the Soldier’s Wife?

  • Episode 10: No Messiah, No Message

  • Episode 11: The Crowd

  • Episode 12: Black Eagle

  • Episode 13: Alone Again

  • Episode 14: Carefree Gentleman

  • Episode 15: Swallow in the Mirror

  • Episode 16: Words, Words

  • Episode 17: Road to Lonely

  • Episode 18: Two Angels

  • Episode 19: Dimmed Light

  • Episode 20: How to Say Goodbye

  • Episode 21: The End of the World

  • Episode 22: Castle of Sand

  • Episode 23: Lamentations

  • Episode 24: All Fires Burn to Ash

  • Episode 25: Silence

  • Episode 26: A Song Without Voice

  • Episode 27: Black Kat

Side Story Missions

Gravity Rush 1

  • The Diary of a Maid

  • The Madam and the Shifter

  • A Time to Play

  • The Dreamlife of Ghosts

  • The Rules of War

  • The Phantom of Bravery

Gravity Rush 2

  • Dream Doll, Angel Doll

  • Fly Me to the Storm

  • The Machineries of Joy

  • Oh, Sweet Little Lady

  • Something This Way Flies

  • If I Had Just One Wish

  • Diabolically Yours

  • Shadows on Shadows

  • Dream of the Sky

  • Prodigal Son

  • Together, So Strange

  • Finding You

  • An Author's Discreet Charm II

  • Forgetful Bodyguard

  • Dangerous Delivery

  • A Game of Gravity

  • Things I Like, Things I Hate

  • Dream of the Sky III

  • I Have a Rendezvous with You

  • Bridge to Tomorrow

  • Going to Town

  • The Spoils of War

  • Dream of the Sky II

  • An Author's Discreet Charm

  • Something This Way Flies II

  • The Wages of Fear

  • Shifter's Choice

  • A Legend is Born

  • Thus Spoke the Adventurer

  • Do What You Will

  • One Day this Crush Will End

  • Find the Idol

  • Forbidden Games

  • Wandering Artistry


  • School Uniform

  • Spy

  • Special Forces

  • Maid

  • Work

  • Jazz Singer

  • Waitress

  • Nurse

  • Kali Costume

  • School Uniform 2.0

  • Idol

  • Dark Angel

  • Crazy Kitten

  • 2B

  • White Shifter Costume

  • Queen Alua

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Melee Combat

  • Gravity Shifting Powers

  • Shifting Style

  • Panther Mode

  • Phoenix Mode


  • Selfies

  • Portraits

  • Group Photos

  • Landscape

  • Props


  • Nevi

  • Garrison Forces

  • Bosses

NOTE: The items listed below are NOT THEMES. They can be used in any art and are for easy reference for creators trying to think of ideas.


Gravity Rush 1

  • Kat

  • Raven

  • Syd

  • Dusty

  • Xii

  • Alias

  • Yunica

  • Permet

  • Yuri

  • Aki

  • Pandora

  • Gade

  • Cyanea

  • D’nelica

  • Chaz

  • Bulbosa

  • Zaza

  • Nala

  • Singlor

  • Aujean

  • Eugie

  • Echo

  • Newt

  • Adreaux

  • Melda

  • Kish

  • Kat’s Number One Fan

Gravity Rush 2

  • Lisa

  • Cecie

  • Misai

  • Gawan

  • Vogo

  • Fi

  • Bit

  • The Other

  • Dr. Brahman

  • Durga Angel

  • Kali Angel

  • Xicero

  • Cai

  • Elektricitie

Raven's Choice

  • Lumino

  • Tenebria

Portfolio Guide

Introduction and overview

Hello! I’m Finn and I’ll be providing some insight, tips, and resources for those applying to the Gravity Memories artist application. Gravity Memories will accept many kinds of artists, such as illustrators, merch artists, craft artists, writers, and cosplayers. This guide will explain what a portfolio is, how to find the right platform, what should be in your portfolio, making your portfolio stand out, and a checklist of what we at Gravity Memories are looking for.

What is a portfolio?

For those unfamiliar, portfolios are like a visual resume that displays your skill, ability, and uniqueness in comparison to all other applicants, be it a job, a zine applicant...or anything! Portfolios can be digital or traditional, but most are now digital. Gravity Memories accepts digital portfolios only. Your portfolio can absolutely contain traditional work however. Portfolios must only contain your work, but if it is a study by reference, you can include that. No tracing studies should be in your portfolio.

Finding the right platform

Portfolios can be hosted on a number of different sites in varying ways. Here’s a guide on how to best showcase your work, in order of most to least effective.

A Tumblr sideblog is a great simple portfolio. There are thousands of unique themes you can adjust to suit your needs, and minimal coding knowledge is required. Plus, you have the tagging system, and you can simply reblog your work from your art/main onto the sideblog. It’s also quick, easy, and professional. If you’re looking for good portfolio themes, check out the illustfolio series, or check out theme-hunter’s “grid” tag. I also highly recommend trying out making a carrd. It’s very professional and very easy to customize! Here is mine for example.

Making your portfolio pop

In order to make sure your portfolio best displays your work these are some things you can do and adjust to what works for you:

  • Making sure your art is clear, and the focus

  • Thumbnails don’t blend into each other

  • Removing unnecessary text/data

  • Solid colour background

  • Best work first

  • Easily readable text

  • Single pieces don’t take up the entire page

What should be in your portfolio

Your portfolio is your visual resume, and as such should display what you do best. Each artist will have a different type of portfolio according to their work.

General portfolio tips

Illustrator portfolios should include things like:

  • Poster/collage-like illustration work and/or subject/environment work

  • How you stylize

  • Creativity

  • Composition

  • Usage of colour

  • Character interaction (other charas, environment, objects, etc!)

  • Finished rendered work

Merch artist portfolios should include things like:

  • Strong stylization

  • Creativity

  • Character focused work

  • Expressions/body language

  • Eye catching visuals

  • Finished work

Portfolios with examples of any type of merch-creating or designing experience are preferred, but not required for acceptance!

Craft artist portfolios should include things like:

  • Experimentation and experience in selected mediums

  • Quality photography

  • Solid usage of materials

  • Creativity

  • Finished work

Writer portfolios should include things like:

  • Creativity with a focused concept/theme

  • Strong descriptions and sense of pacing

  • Good understanding of characters’ voices (how they talk)

  • Thorough knowledge of proper grammar, punctuation, etc

  • Short works

  • Finished stories

Cosplay portfolios should include things like:

  • Your own costumes

  • You!

  • Quality photography

Please do not let all of this info scare or discourage you. Ultimately, what is most important is the art you choose to share that represents you and your skill.I am thrilled to see everyone’s work in the coming weeks! If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact @GravityMemories on Twitter, or contact us on Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, or note: If you need special accommodations for your portfolio, let us know and we will work with you! Good luck everyone!

Final Artist List:

A list of all the artists in Gravity Memories!

Contributor Spotlights:

Here is a list of our contributor spotlights posted to our Twitter!